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The bridge closure will be temporary on the M2 Eastbound carriageway between Joe Slovo off ramp and Maritzburg on ramp.
The following on-ramps onto the M2 eastbound will be closed:
1. M2 eastbound at Main Reef
2. Simmonds Street on ramp
3. Eloff Street on ramp
4. Joe Slovo on ramp
The following off-ramps will be available for motorists travelling on the M2 eastbound:
1. Village Road off ramp
2. Rissik Street off ramp
3. Mooi Street off ramp
4. Joe Slovo off ramp
5. Heidelberg off ramp
• All vehicles, especially heavy vehicles coming from the N1, Midrand direction wishing to travel along M1 and then onto the M2 eastbound to access the Johannesburg CBD or City Deep and surrounding areas should rather use the N3 and M2 westbound.
• All vehicles approaching along the M1 from Southgate direction wishing to travel along the M2 eastbound to access the CBD and surrounding areas should rather make use of Booysens Road or Eloff Street. Motorists wishing to access the N3 should rather make use of the N12.
• Although alternative routes have been identified to deviate the traffic off the M2 eastbound, motorists are advised to plan ahead, drive alert and watch for work zones. Consider utilising public transport alternatives such as Rea Vaya, Gautrain, Metrobus, Putco, work base shuttle services, ridesharing/carpooling, changing travel times and using Proactive Congestion Detection on the various mobile apps to assist them along their deviation routes.
• Motorists are urged to reduce the speed limit across the Karsene Bridge section to 40 km/h and maintain a safe following distance.
• Motorist are implored to adhere to traffic guidelines and signage.
The JRA apologises to all road users for any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of this repairs and rehabilitation work.

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