Certificates of Origin are issued by Chambers of Commerce.  As per the International Chamber of Commerce:

“A Certificate of Origin is an important international trade document that certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. They declare the ‘nationality’ of the product and also serve as a declaration by the exporter to satisfy customs or trade requirements.

Certificates of Origin are requested by customs, banks, private stakeholders and importers for several purposes.  Almost every country in the world requires Certificates of Origin for customs clearance procedures when determinig the duty that will be assessed on the goods or in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all.”

JCCI issues Non-Preferential Certificates of Origin, which certify that the goods are sub ject to no preferential treatment.  These are the main type of Certificates of Origin issued by chambers of commerce.  

Should you need a Chamber Certificate of Origin, please contact:

Certificate of Origin Controller – Elsie Muller   elsie@jcci.co.za or

Trade Officer – Nqobile Maphanga nqobile@jcci.co.za


JCCI has issued manual certificates of origin for decade, however, in 2015 an electronic certificate platform was introduced. This has now upgraded to the next generation electronic Certificate of Origin platform, namely:  essCert. 

essCert,  our service provider, combines the best electronic solutions to offer the world’s most powerful eCO solution. 

The benefits of an Electronic Certificate of Origin are: 

  • It has a QR scanner barcode to enable verification.
  • Verification can also be done on the website www.certificateoforigin.com
  • Online application at no extra cost.
  • Certificates available in minutes rather than days.
  • You can apply and print at your own desk.
  • Reduced costs – save on travel, courier and postage costs.
  • Increased productivity.

 To take advantage of this new platform, the procedures are as follows: 

  • To register go to https://www.esscert.com/register/  and enter the required fields
  • You will be requested to complete and submit a registration form.
  • essCert will then send you a JCCI Formal Undertaking. On completion return it to register@esscert.com together with your CIPC Company Registration form

For more information about essCert Electronic Certificates contact: 

Elsie Muller or Nqobile Maphanga  011 726-5300


 Contact: Nqobile Maphanga  or Elsie Muller on Tel:  011 726-5300